Fence Show Artists at the Old Lyme Inn.jpeg

The Fence Show Artists return this year with 32 participants selling oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, photography and mixed media. A favorite event for many attending the Midsummer Festival, come to the north lawn of the Old Lyme Inn to peruse and find the perfect piece of art!

This year's artists are:

April Aldighieri Photography 

Jay Babina Acrylic

Dennis Baccheschi Portraits

Linda Beagle Oil

Joan Carew Watercolor

Pam Carlson Acrylic

Cathy Castonguay Oil/Watercolor

Mike Centrella Oil

Francine Curto Oil/Watercolor/Pastel 

David Delbiondo Ocean Photography

Kathleen DeMeo Print/Paint/Mixed Media

Joyce Maurice. Oil/ Pastel

Carol Dunn Print/Photography/Mixed Media

Carole Erdman Acrylic/ Oil/Watercolor

Maureen Girard Oil/Watercolor /Pastel 

Mike Greene Acrylic

Anne Holmes Oil Landscapes

Joyce Maurice Pastel

Joanne McCarty Watercolor

Liz McGee Watercolor

Nancy Nielsen Photography

Hilde Reichenbach Watercolor

Tom Sayers Photography

Nancy Schroeder Oil Landscapes

Betsy Shafer Oil/Watercolor /Pastel Land and Seascapes

Janet Shea Rea Mixed Media

Susan Simler  Oil/Watercolor

Cheryl Sorensen Oil/Watercolor

Dick Traskos Photography

Peggy Traskos Oil Landscapes and animals

Claudia Van Nes Acrylic/ Watercolor /Multimedia 

Elizabeth Van Wazer

Jane White Watercolor