Fairy Doors on Lyme Street!

Fairy doors are sprouting all along Lyme Street throughout October! In celebration of Wee Faerie Village at the Florence Griswold Museum, businesses and nonprofits are joining in the fun and sharing the doorways of the fairies that live at each of their sites. Check back often to see what new fairy doors there are to see!

olad fairy doors studio 80.jpg

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds

Have you ever felt “fairy-sized” next to an outdoor sculpture? Follow the driveway at 80-1 Lyme Street to the sculpture grounds where you are sure to be surprised and delighted! Several fairies are apparently delighted as well – they have set up homes in a tree down by the riverbank. The Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds are open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week, and all are welcomed with free admission.

olad bee fairy door.jpg

Bee & Thistle Inn

Did you know there are fairies buzzing around The Bee? You are welcomed to pop into the Bee and Thistle Inn lobby to see the fairy door of the very buzzy fairies there! Fairies love live music and they enjoy the musicians who serenade them on Wednesday and Sunday evenings!

olad lysb fairy door.png

Lymes Youth Service Bureau

Can you find the fairy door (and the fairy's garden!) outside of Lymes' Youth Service Bureau (LYSB)? Be sure to peek around the area between Mimi's Place and the activity center! LYSB is at 59 Lyme Street - find out about their upcoming activities and services while you are there! 

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.18.25 PM.png

Old Lyme Historical Society

Located on the front grounds of the Old Lyme Historical Society (55 Lyme Street) is a "fairy special" door to Professor Historia Nimblequill's fairy home My goodness the Professor has a stately, historic door! The Professor is currently translating a very ancient and difficult manuscript in her underground archive. If you ever are curious about the history of Old Lyme or its homes, do check in with them, the Professor and her colleagues are quite knowledgeable!

OLAD Chocolate Shell.jpg

The Chocolate Shell

The Candy Fairies are in town! Stop by The Chocolate Shell and look for the fairy door covered in real candy! In addition to so many yummy treats, you can also find inside for sale sweet little handmade fairies. The Chocolate Shell is at 16B Lyme Street and is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

olad cooley fairy door.jpg

Cooley Gallery

Oh my, perhaps an artist fairy has taken up home outside of The Cooley Gallery! We can understand why because the Cooley's have such wonderful hospitality! Be sure to find the fairy door outside of the Gallery and stop in and see the beautiful art for sale inside. The Gallery is located at 25 Lyme Street, and is typically open Thursday through Saturday from 12-5pm, and Sundays 12-4pm -- that is unless the Cooley's and the fairies are off to an art show! 

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 2.35.03 PM.png

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

ssshhhh…. It is late at night and the fairy students of Lyme Academy are up painting, sculpting, and creating masterpieces!! Not only do they have projects to turn in to their professors, but they also have an upcoming holiday art sale! Exhibitions take place at the Academy, 84 Lyme Street. You’ll find this fairy door outside of the Academy’s Chauncey Stillman Gallery. (door by student Quinn Russo)

olad nightingales fairy door.jpg

Nightingale’s Acoustic Cafe

Creative and talented fairies flutter in and out of Nightingale’s all afternoon and evening!! Whether they are working on their songwriting, taking to the microphone, or having a Tuesday night Pickin’ Party, there’s always music and coffee brewing at the Cafe! Check their calendar for all of the upcoming youth performances, fiddle groups, and open mic. Cafe hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-4pm. 68 Lyme Street.